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The User Group for PHP developers living in, around, and within traveling distance of Rotterdam.

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About us

We're a user group for PHP developers living in, around, and within traveling distance of Rotterdam.

While existing for over 6 years, we were able to create a user group with over a 1000 members!

Thanks to our sponsors and contributors we are able to have our meetups every second Thursday of the month. Feel free to attend our meetups, or even come as a speaker.

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Speak at our stage

Looking to practice your talk before submitting to a Call For Papers?

Attend our meetup as a speaker and receive valuable feedback! If possible we can also provide a professional video recording, how much better could it get!?

With a minimum of 12 meetups a year we surely have a spot for you at our stage. With an average of 35 attendees per meetup you can expect not to waste your time with us.

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Become a sponsor

010PHP is made possible by the help of our awesome community, sponsors and volunteers We are very thankful for all their time and efforts!

Become one of our sponsors and help out a growing PHP community. We are always looking to expand our network with people/companies that wish to support the community.

Our next meetup

010PHP: Go for PHP
  • Go for PHP \~ Joshua Thijssen Go combines the best of many programming language worlds. It can compile windows executables on linux, it's as readable as PHP, it's as fast as C/C++, and has a rich ecosystem like Java. During this talk, we will write some Go programs and give you an idea how Go works. We touch subjects like channels, goroutines and highlight the big differences between PHP and Go.

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    Schedule To be announced

    Location To be announced


    • Please make sure you are available to join this meetup on when RSVP-ing yes, since we have limited spots available.
    • If you are uncertain of your attendance then make your spot available.
    • We do not require QR-code scanning to access this event. Preliminary COVD-19 self-tests are encouraged but also not mandatory. We only require you to cancel your RSVP if you are corona-positive.
  • Date: 09-06-2022

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