About us

It all started back in 2013. To be precise we founded this group on Friday the 21st of June in 2013, with our first Meetup on Thursday July 11th of the same year. We started as a small group of a few PHP enthusiasts, going to bars and cafes to talk PHP and the latest innovations.
Whether it was the latest PHP release or tooling such as Vagrant or Phing, we were talking about it. It didn't took much effort to invite other like-minded people to attend our gatherings.

The cornerstones of 010PHP are to provide a easy, accessible and fun way of staying up to date with the PHP environment. During these past years we've managed to create a safe environment where learning and networking are made available to people, developers or not, of all age and location.

Our Meetups are not solely focused on PHP but also contain topics such as DevOps, Agile, Personal Development and other interesting areas.
With now hosting our Meetups on every second Thursday of each month we've managed to grow a community with over 1300 members on Meetup.com, with a monthly average of 45 attendees joining in on our events.

Our community is made possible by the help from its amazing members and companies who support us by sponsoring our events. Without them we wouldn't be the success we are today.